BioWalker™ is an active upright device for children with mobility impairment. The upright position is achieved by Patient and Parent or Carer. The product is made up of three parts: an adult vest, a child hip harness and calf shells with sandals. Hip harness maintains the Patient in the correct position and reduces the load of the lower limbs. The Patient’s feet are placed on the comfortable sandals made of ABS. These sandals are assembled to calf shells of the Carer or Parent. They provide active, anatomic gait pattern with proper coordination between upper and lower limbs. You can adjust the height of the sandals.

BioWalker™ reflects the physiological Patient’s gait pattern and improves cerebral neuroplasticity and helps to restore psychomotor functions. Our upright mobility device prevents against the muscle weakness and contractures, increases the bones density and improves the vascular and respiratory system. What is more, BioWalker™ provides Patient’s independence and peer socialization. The device may be used only on harden, even surface.

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Motivation and development


Independence and peer socialization

Upright standing and walking

Reflects the physiological gait pattern, improves cerebral neuroplasticity and helps to restore psychomotor functions