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For physiotherapists

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BioWalker™ is an active upright device which allows Patient to maintain standing position and walking together with Parent or Carer. The device is good for children who cannot stand and transfer by their own.

BioWalker™ is recommended for children from age 1 (physiological walking milestone). The product is made up of three parts: an adult vest, a child hip harness and calf shells with sandals.

  • Cerebral palsy (CP)
  • quadriplegia/tetraplegia
  • dyskinesia (athetosis, chorea)
  • dystonia
  • spinal bifidia
  • paraplegia
  • small muscles contractures
  • multiple sclerosis (SM)
  • abnormal gait pattern
  • severe muscles and tendons contractures
  • sprain/strain in the lower limb area
  • severe body asymmetry (high degree of scoliosis, pelvic and/or spinal deformations)
  • Lower back pain of the Carer
  • Pregnancy of the Carer
  • Patient with unstable medical
  • condition requiring fast repositioning for treatment