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WALKER® is a pediatric hip-knee-ankle orthosis (HKAFO) used in case of neurological disorders among children and difficulties in independent movement. WALKER® offers high support in gait training and provides sensory information about correct gait pattern. Our WALKER® orthosis helps children maintain upright position.

Why standing position is so important?

HKAFO WALKER® consists of 3 main elements:

  1. Hip orthoses (HOs) with special adjustable handles
  2. Knee joint orthosis with ROM adjustment (KAFO)
  3. Ankle-foot orthosis with ROM adjustment (AFO)

Special, easy to remove handles are attached to the hip basket, which make it easier for the caregiver to secure the child while using the orthosis.


Knee orthosis is made of light side splints equipped with Joint Flex Control drop lock, ensuring the ROM adjustment. This drop lock is made of extremely durable steel, which makes it highly resistant to any load.

What is important, the medial splints of the lower limbs are connected with a special element that prevents the child from excessive abduction of the legs while walking and indicates the child the correct gait pattern.

The AFO element consists of length-adjustable side splints and a foot part with an adjustable width. The contact of the feet with the ground increases proprioception and improves bone density of the lower limbs. At the ankle height, the splint is equipped with an innovative 1R magnetic clock, which allows to adjust the ROM in the ankle in every 15 degrees. The 1R drop lock is easy operated with a rivet and a magnet, so it is quick, effortless and intuitive.

The back part of the WALKER® is equipped with special thigh and shin pads made of lightweight material. These pads reduce the flexion pattern of the lower limbs, which is dominant in cerebral palsy, and improve the patient’s gait pattern.

WALKER® provides stabilization in each joint of the lower limb. The materials used for the production of the product meet the highest safety requirements and are extremely durable. That is why, WALKER® is recommended for children with cerebral palsy and joint deformities.

WALKER® decreases the child’s dependence and enables movement. The product allows the child to reach an upright position, that is necessary to start walking. The position of the pelvis is corrected by the hip basket, which ensures its stabilization both in the frontal and sagittal plane.


  • cerebral palsy (CP)
  • quadriplegia/tetraplegia
  • dyskinesia (athetosis, chorea)
  • dystonia
  • spinal muscular atrophy (SMA)
  • spinal bifidia
  • paraplegia
  • small muscles contractures
  • multiple sclerosis (SM)
  • abnormal gait pat tern


  • severe muscles and tendons contractures
  • sprain/strain in the lower limb area,
  • severe body asymmetry (high degree of scoliosis, pelvic and/or spinal deformations),
  • no medical recommendation to stand up for the patient.


Table 1

SizeHeight (A)Distance between knee joint interstice and groin ( B )Distance between knee joint interstice and foot (C)How to measure
1122 – 140 cm27 – 30 cm30 – 38 cm
2140,5 – 158 cm30,5 – 34 cm38,5 – 49 cm

Table 2

SizeWaist circumference ( D )Thigh circumference ( E )Calf circumference ( F )How to measure
155 – 70 cm25 – 38 cm21 – 27 cm
258 – 75 cm27 – 40 cm22 – 30 cm